The nation’s first
telematics-based advertising network

Deliver relevant, revenue-generating user experiences

Target advertising to your ideal drivers based on behavior rather than proxies

Answer Marketplace is operated by Answer Financial® and powered by Arity®. Both companies are part of the Allstate® Family of Companies. Together, they deliver the first mobile advertising network with audience targeting based on driving risk.


30 billion miles of real world driving matched against insurance claims1


85+ years of risk modeling experience1


Scored drivers in all 50 states

How Answer Marketplace works

1. Driving Engine

Publishers integrate software into their apps that turn mobile devices into powerful sensors for capturing driving data

2. Driving Score

App user's driving behavior data is captured and an Arity Driving Score is generated

3. Targeted Ads

Advertisers select their prospects based on real risk rather than proxies or lookalikes. Deliver customized creative and offers via a real-time bidding platform based on the Arity Driving Score

4. Win-Win

Answer Marketplace assists Advertisers in achieving acquisition and loss ratio goals and for Publishers to earn new revenue from premium ad placements