Deliver relevant, revenue-generating user experiences from your mobile app

Insurance advertisers spend nearly a billion dollars annually on digital advertising. Now, publishers can deliver driving-based enhancements to their mobile app while earning significant revenue from native ad placements designed for insurers, and based on the single most important factor to their business: a user’s actual driving behavior.

Driving behavior helps create a richer user experience and makes ad placements more desirable than standard ad networks

Answer Marketplace™ partners with driving, location, and other auto-related apps so ads feel native and relevant for the consumer. App publishers will gain insights into driving habits, mileage, common routes and commute times.


Monetize your app with
mobile display


Serve a large and active
group of advertisers


Drive high conversion for advertisers


Engage mobile users
with relevant ads


Enhance user experiences with new driving-based features


Earn significant revenue